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How the diaspora can manage farming in Uganda.

How the diaspora can manage farming in Uganda.

Many times we are approached by clients who are out of the country but with a very keen interest in investing back home for various reasons which range from trying to use an idle ancestoral land to planning their way out of the harsh conditions that they go through while making ends meet in the diaspora.

It’s always obvious from their conversations that life in the diaspora would not be their best option if all was well back home. Nonetheless, they would be willing to invest as much as they wish but have been disappointed on a number of times when they tried doing so from a distance. Either the entrusted parties misused the resources, or the venture just didn’t work out.

These and more have been some of the major reasons for their lack of faith to try, our eventual failing on some of the trials.

But what can we do to address their concern?

First of all, our analysis of failing projects has been mainly because of lack of knowledge and correction supervision.

To address this, we have constantly taught our clients intensively before we even set foot on ground for any work. To us, background knowledge is power to any project and very key to success. This will save on many fatal losses.

The other unpopular, yet only sure way to manage, is for us to install a real time CCTV surveillance system. This is always put in very strategic points as we recommend. You should however be strict to the workers not to switch it off, or play games. They usually cover the cameras or disconnect the internet when they want to do something illegal. It should be a matter of emphasis on the side of the owner. This together with experienced and exposed recipients of the funds will always guarantee higher chances of success.

This should be part of your plan as you think of investing in Uganda. All opportunities are still available but only need the right approach.

Thank you very much

KEZAALA Eric Damba

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2 thoughts on “How the diaspora can manage farming in Uganda.
  1. Kisekka Ronald Keizer

    Hello Ddamba Kezaala, may u please advise me on how I can invest as little as 500,000 in animal husbandry and later be successful?

    November 14, 2021 Reply
    • Damba Eric

      Hello Mr. Kisekka, this is a good discussion. Kindly send us your contact details or reach us on 0702665233/0782682145

      November 14, 2021 Reply
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