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Damba Kezaala Enterprises in Kenya for farm planning services

Damba Kezaala Enterprises in Kenya for farm planning services

Today we were in Kenya, Konza region planning for a home stead with a farm setting, resting place and guest Cottages among others. This is the concept called Agrotourism.

Our director posing for a photo at the site

We are glad to pass our knowledge and experience over to our brothers next door any time we are invited. It’s been a series of invitations until we decided to materialize with this particular engagement.

Onions on irrigation already planted by the client

With the advancement in technology, transportation network and integration of the East African community, it’s now very possible to exchange such services across boarders for mutual development of the farming community.

Size of the onions at 2 months 3 weeks

This will not only be a Farm but also a resting place away from the busy life of towns and cities. You too can contact us soon for your farm planning services at very competitive rates.

Thank you very much.

Beautiful ambience of the highway to the Farm

KEZAALA Eric Damba


4 thoughts on “Damba Kezaala Enterprises in Kenya for farm planning services
  1. Mohamed Sallieu Bah

    Interested in learning the techniques.

    May 6, 2022 Reply
  2. Robert Cengkuru

    Hullo Eric,
    I began my farming journey before planning first. Secondly, still expanding till such a point in time when planning can now be done.

    Like your trip in Kenya, I would like to invite you to come and see the state of the farm before planning can begin.
    How much would you charge for such an arrangment ? Transport by public means on me, accomodation on me, as well as feeding.

    Farm is in West Nile Zombo district.

    Plantation has bananas and coffee integrated.

    Thank you,

    November 25, 2022 Reply
    • Damba Eric

      Hello Robert, sorry for a late reply. The site visits usually cost 500,000/=

      December 19, 2022 Reply
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