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Jotham Cottages Farm, one of our babies, is taking shape.

Jotham Cottages Farm, one of our babies, is taking shape.

It feels good to be part of a dream coming true. This is one of the Farms whose concept was visualised by us through our farm planning services. Close to a year now, it’s starting to take shape. We are grateful!

The Farm Directors, Denis and Pam giving remarks

On this day, we were glad to be part of the dedication service when the vision bearers visited.

A 3D visualisation of the farm designed by us

Jotham Cottage Farm is a worthy ode to the Father and vision bearer of the farm who sought to create a refuge for healing for those in need of psycological help in an idyllic garden setting.

The farm has a vision to be an oasis for people to get away from the stressful places and rest and revive with the services the farm will provide including a chapel, serene prayer and meditation gardens, a child-friendly park, orchards, and a mixed farm.

Giving thanks for the Chapel

The project seeks to create a farm retreat which continually and at all levels promotes healthy environment for the guests seeking refuge as well as the animals on a modest budget.

Accomodation units being finalised

To achieve this vision, the farm seeks to develop in a phased manner towards having upto 5 cottages, 12 guest rooms, fully matured landscaped gardens, a fully equipped wellness centre, 300-piggery unit, a 400-unit rabbitry, a 2500-bird layer operation, a 2-cow dairy unit, and a 5-ton per season fishery unit.

The piggery unit taking shape

This will ensure a consistent supply to meet the demand especially within the value-addition market.

Our vision written on a 3D poster

Jotham Cottages Farm will not only be a farm, but also a place for prayer and healing for every weary soul. The main goal is not to deal with clients and workers only but create a big family out of all of them.

The Directors receiving a Love Gift from their employees

We look forward to realising this vision into reality.

Thank you very much

KEZAALA Eric Damba

4 thoughts on “Jotham Cottages Farm, one of our babies, is taking shape.
  1. Nahabwe Joseph

    Great idea, would be glad to be one of your earliest client s for a variety of reasons

    February 23, 2022 Reply
    • Damba Eric

      Alright please Joseph. We are at your service.

      February 23, 2022 Reply
  2. AMBROSE Tumwekwase

    Wow! Wow! At that young stage of development, the picture shows a Stunning, Gorgeous, Breathtaking, Elegant, Comely, Ravishing, Majestic, Enticing and more so a Graceful Place.
    Thank you,

    February 26, 2022 Reply
    • Damba Eric

      Thank you very much Ambrose. We appreciate.

      February 27, 2022 Reply
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