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Mr. Rukundo Johnson is an accomplished agricultural professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture from St. Augustine International University (now King Ceasor University).

His journey began with hands-on experience during industrial training at the Makerere Research Institute of Agriculture Kabanyolo (MAURIK), setting the stage for a career dedicated to agricultural innovation.

Starting as an Assistant Farm Manager at Glomike Demonstration Mixed Farm in Mbale, Rukundo demonstrated leadership and practical skills.

Progressing to Farm Manager at Mukono Mixed Ranch, he honed his expertise in overseeing diverse agricultural operations, laying the foundation for his future endeavors.

At Damba Kezaala Enterprises, Rukundo’s strategic vision has led to the planning and development of four successful farms—Holy Family Farm, Ronamed Farm, Blanket of Naome Farm, and Bayo Mixed Farm.

Beyond planning, he crafted agribusiness plans for Vegamo Farm and Rwobuyenje, showcasing his ability to blend theory with practical application.

Rukundo’s commitment extends to hands-on involvement, actively supervising Ronamed Farm, Blanket of Naome, and the office backyard vegetable project.

His site visits to Njeru Farm, Kisoboka @63 Farm, Holy Family Farm, Ronamed Farm, and Blanket of Naome Farm underline his dedication to ensuring the success of each project.

In Rukundo Johnson, Damba Kezaala Enterprises, where he serves as a Operations Manager, has found a dynamic leader with a unique blend of academic prowess, practical experience, and an unwavering drive to revolutionize the agricultural industry.

As he continues to steer the enterprise towards new horizons, Rukundo’s impact on the agricultural frontier is poised for even greater achievements.