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Mrs. Namazzi’s journey is diverse and filled with entrepreneurial spirit. Born and raised in Uganda, she completed her high school education at Old Kampala in 1984. Eager to enhance her skills, she pursued secretarial studies, equipping herself with the tools necessary for administrative roles.

Her professional journey began in the tours and travel industry, where she gained valuable experience before making a significant shift towards self-employment. Mrs. Namazzi entered the world of trade and import, dealing in various goods such as clothes and essential commodities sourced from Kenya to Uganda. This venture showcased her business acumen and marked the beginning of her entrepreneurial endeavors.

In pursuit of new opportunities, Mrs. Namazzi transitioned into the salon business, establishing multiple branches, including one in the bustling town area. This period saw her skills in management and customer service flourish, creating a solid foundation for her future ventures.

In 2014, she embarked on a new chapter by entering the hardware business as a quasi partner. Despite the initial challenges, her determination and strategic decisions led the business to break even by 2018. This success demonstrated Mrs. Namazzi’s resilience and adaptability in the dynamic business world.

Following the hardware venture, Mrs. Namazzi diversified her interests into general merchandise. Over time, she honed in on a particular niche—furniture seat covers. This specialization allowed her to carve a unique space in the market, and she currently operates this business in Matugga.

Beyond her entrepreneurial pursuits, Mrs. Namazzi has been actively involved in various farming projects over the years. This showcases her commitment to sustainable and diverse business practices. Mrs. Namazzi’s journey is a testament to her versatility and tenacity. From the tours and travel industry to trade, salons, hardware, and finally, furniture seat covers, she has navigated through different sectors, leaving a mark of success in each. Her story is an inspiration for us as a company, where she works as a Director, highlighting the importance of adaptability, perseverance, and a keen eye for emerging opportunities.