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Ms. Nahyama, is an individual with a passion for business and community well-being. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in public administration from Nkumba University, she has spent over 8 years making waves in the professional world.

Ms. Nahyama’s journey as a business proprietor and manager has been marked by a relentless pursuit of maximum productivity. Her keen eye for detail and strategic thinking have not only driven her success but have also positively impacted the staff she oversees.

In the realm of fashion, Ms. Nahyama has left an indelible mark as the proprietor of Dophy Fashion Spot. This leading designer brand for women’s clothing stands as a testament to her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Under her leadership, Dophy Fashion Spot has become synonymous with style and innovation.

Beyond the world of fashion, Ms. Nahyama extends her influence to the community as the dedicated coordinator at DISC Uganda. Based in Mayuge, this organization focuses on the well-being of over 600 families. Ms. Nahyama’s role involves overseeing various aspects of the organization, ensuring that it continues to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those it serves.

In both her professional and community roles, Ms. Nahyama exemplifies leadership and dedication. Her commitment to excellence, will be helpful in driving the success of Damba Kezaala Enterprises with her as the Head of Human Resources.