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Mr. Kiwanuka George is a seasoned legal professional with a wealth of experience in the dynamic field of law. For the past five years, he has been working at Bytelex, a prominent legal firm based in Nitnda, where his expertise has left an indelible mark. Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in law, Kiwanuka brings both knowledge and passion to his role.

His journey in the legal realm has been characterized by a dedication to fostering innovation and growth, particularly in the startup landscape. Kiwanuka serves as a guiding force for numerous startup companies, offering invaluable counsel on matters ranging from registration intricacies to policy formulation. His keen understanding of the legal intricacies surrounding startups has made him a trusted advisor in navigating the complex legal landscape.

Beyond the courtroom, Kiwanuka is known for his commitment to excellence and his ability to translate legal jargon into practical, actionable advice. His collaborative approach and strategic mindset have endeared him to the startups he advises, earning him a reputation as a reliable legal partner.

As Kiwanuka continues to shape the legal landscape, his legacy extends far beyond the cases he handles. He is not just a lawyer; he is a catalyst for progress, guiding Damba Kezaala Enterprises Limited as the Head of Legal, through legal challenges and paving the way for innovation to thrive.