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KEZAALA Eric Damba

Mr. KEZAALA Eric Damba is a visionary in the realm of agricultural development farm planning, set up and management.

He currently serves as Managing Director at Damba Kezaala Enterprises Limited and a Board Chairperson in the NGO space.

He has worked in the private sector for now 10 years. Mr. KEZAALA’s journey in the agricultural sector has been nothing short of transformative entrepreneurship.

Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree with honors in Agriculture, Mr. KEZAALA’s academic foundation laid the groundwork for a career dedicated to the prosperity of farms and the communities they support.

His commitment to excellence became evident early on as he embarked on personal projects, using them as experimental grounds to hone his skills and refine his understanding of the agricultural landscape.

Mr. KEZAALA’s professional odyssey took a significant turn when he assumed the role of a salesperson for agricultural equipment.

This experience not only showcased his prowess in navigating the intricacies of the industry but also demonstrated his ability to connect with farmers and understand their needs.

He has supervised planning, setting and management of over 100 farms and structures including pig stys, greenhouses, solar driers, chicken houses and staff houses among others.

He has been hired as a solar dryer specialist for the Msingi solar dryer project monitoring and evaluating solar dryers in the areas of Kavule, Kasangati, Manyangwa, Nakwero, Mukono, Kigo, Kasenyi and Nabbingo.

His impact extended beyond sales as he embraced the opportunity to educate and mentor internship students under the World Bank program at Ssembeguya estates.

Sharing his wealth of knowledge, Mr. KEZAALA became a guiding force, shaping the future of aspiring agricultural enthusiasts.

A defining chapter in Mr. KEZAALA’s career unfolded during his tenure as a Farm Coordinator at Child Voice International.

Here, he orchestrated a remarkable turnaround, increasing the farm animal population from 300 to 800 within a span of 15 months.

The financial success story mirrored this accomplishment, with sales soaring from less than 1 million to an impressive 250 million.

Mr. KEZAALA’s strategic vision and meticulous planning were instrumental in steering the organization towards unprecedented growth.

Beyond the numbers, his ability to foster a harmonious relationship between farm management and the community showcased his commitment to sustainable and inclusive agricultural practices.

Mr. KEZAALA’s leadership not only elevated the financial standing of Child Voice International but also positioned the organization as a beacon of innovation and success in the agricultural sector.

With a remarkable track record and a passion for cultivating growth, Mr. KEZAALA Eric Damba continues to be a driving force in the agricultural landscape.

His journey exemplifies a harmonious blend of education, hands-on experience, and an unwavering dedication to transforming businesses into thriving hubs of prosperity.

He has played a pivotal role in shaping educational policies as he was part of the team that reviewed the national curriculum for the Directorate of Industrial Training Landscapers in January 2023.

Additionally, he was selected to participate in the prestigious Malabo Montpellier Youth Forum, where he contributed significantly to the final paper containing key recommendations for governments.

This paper was presented at a notable event on 10th February 2024, attended by distinguished guests including H.E. Hailemariam Dessalegn Boshe, Former Prime Minister of Ethiopia, and H.E. Assia Ben Salah Alaoui, the then Ambassador at Large of His Majesty Mohamed VI, the King of Morocco.

He has also appeared on several national televisions and radios and continues to be a driving force in advocating for meaningful change and innovation in education and youth development especially in the agricultural sector.

He serves as the Managing Director at Damba Kezaala Enterprises Limited. Where he has planned over 90 farms, made over 20 consultations in poultry, piggery, citrus, beef, dairy, agrotourism, apiary, horticulture making extensive financial plans, masterplans and production plans for these projects, helping them to foresee their financial projections upto 10 years into production.